Saturday Breakfast Links

News of the weird: Woman says breasts stopped her from performing on a DUI test.

On debt and defaults.

M+A, the new headhunting.

Anyone hear anything about this new film? Getting good reviews.

This little poll attempts to take the temp of the broad electorate. I don’t think you can extrapolate much yet from it. The electorate is very volatile.

I thought family farmers were going to have it easier? Why this war on raw milk? We are missing the luxury of great cheeses. Relaxing regulations would mean job creation.

I am not a big fan of the UN. Why are we in it again?

China is a powerhouse. But it’s also very polluted. When you own your land, you take care of it. When the government owns it, you exploit it. Private property rights are among one of the greatest rights endowed in the Constitution.

Some thoughts on the US election so far.

China investing in South America. They need farm innovation. Lots of mouths to feed. Heck, they single handedly drove up hay prices in California this year.

Is Israel planning an attack on Iran?

There was a blizzard across the great plains. Some places got two feet of snow!

Ethanol is driving up the cost of beef. ($LE_F)

Ever have a bobcat live under your deck?

When we were traders on the floor, we had the best Super Bowl Pool ever.

How are you getting ready for your Super Bowl party?