Thursday Breakfast Links

Happy Groundhog Day.

Facebook creates 1000 millionaires. Welcome to the 1%. Ha. The power of capitalism. Started in a dorm room, funded with $400k from a VC that assumed a huge amount of risk. Growth, IPO. Congrats to them.

Sad news yesterday that Don Cornelius committed suicide. They used to film Soul Train on the 43rd floor of the CBOT.

Susan G Komen breaks away from Planned Parenthood. They didn’t make a political statement about PP, just said they would be concentrating on cancer research. I thought that’s what they were doing anyway. Never knew they were associated. Probably a good thing for people that donate to breast cancer research.

Maybe this is why RICO statutes aren’t being used against Corzine.

Leading from behind.Next week, they will cover position limits, again, and corners in wheat.

Mitch Daniels signs right to work legislation in Indiana. Good job. In Illinois, Pat Quinn proposed new spending programs to end the budget crisis.

Yet another housing rescue plan. Why don’t they just let the housing market clear? All this monkeying around and government interference is not letting supply and demand forces correct.

This is interesting. But I don’t put much stock in it yet. Talk to me in September.

Mergers are hard to do. Think about the next time you get excited for an acquisition. Interestingly, my personal experience with the trading floors at CME Group bear out the data.

This headline is correct. Just fill the damn potholes.

Market has had a nice recovery since the November low.
SPDR S&P 500 Stock Chart

SPDR S&P 500 Stock Chart by YCharts

Interesting article on OTC swaps reform. What you get is a nice lesson on WACC. Weighted Actual Cost of Capital.

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  1. Do you think the OWS crowd will start protesting in front of facebook headquarters and canceling their accounts in droves

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