Monday Breakfast Links

Was driving all day yesterday. Couldn’t blog. I bought a BMW X5 diesel on Jan 1, 2009. Have just over 58,000 on it. Virtually 2/3 of them highway miles. FYI, it gets around 27-30 on the highway, and around 22 in town.

Saw some good trading ideas for the week. I am a little bearish going into the jobs number, but what else is new?

Honest advice on starting a company.

If you aren’t using Ycharts, or paying a pittance to use Ycharts Pro, you are missing something in your stock research.

Cisco’s CEO discusses who he is backing for President, and why.

New startup on college campus in beta. If you are in college and read this, sign up!

From my friend at

PS. At the lows in the treasury market this week, Goldman Sachs($GS) came out with a sell recommendation. I was bullish treasuries and smelled a rat. Goldman Sachs in my mind remains the biggest RAT on the street. For my weekend readers who did not see this, here is what I wrote mid-week.
I wrote a couple of days ago about the biggest crooks on the street Goldman Sachs. At the lows of the treasury break, they put out a sell recommendation. My comment was, how many treasuries do you think they are short of and need to get them back? Two days later the market spikes almost 3 full points higher from the 14021 lows of the move.
There is a reason Goldman Sachs stock is $108 a share down from a 2007 high of $250. They screwed everyone. There aren’t any players left to screw. Goldman Sachs has no one else to lie, cheat and steal from. They have to use their brains to make money which as you can see they have not done very well at. So this week they decided to go back to what they do best…LYING…CHEATING…STEALING. Greed baby. It’s all about greed.

Super rich are putting there money in places you might not expect.

Critics of capitalism call for June protest. Hey, if you are true to your beliefs, don’t get on some capitalistic airline, bus company, boat company and travel there. Walk. But make your clothes, and grow your own food to sustain you while you make the migration there. Then do your protest, and follow the same rules back.

France is going to raise taxes. Keynesians are smiling. Consumers and markets won’t be. When every European country begins to raise taxes aggressively, what do you call it? A race to the top or bottom?

We have a mini Ice Age coming.

Hey, another Obama government sponsored green energy project bites the dust.

10 Ways for Entrepreneurs to leverage Facebook for their start up.

New Mexico has a sovereign fund? Who knew? Illinois, California and New York all have one too. It’s called, “Unfunded Liabilities”.

The Russians can’t get it done at home, they are coming to America.

Shit entrepreneurs say