Sunday Breakfast Links

Driving back to the Windy today. What’s the most boring drive you have ever been on in the world? Mine is from Memphis, Tennessee to Cairo, Illinois. Four hours of the most godforsaken earth on the planet. Flat, no topography, no scenery, no people. But, at least this morning I get to go to Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford. You’d be happy to after you ate there. Best breakfast in America.

If you missed Mike and Gina’s chat with me yesterday morning, we had a pretty stimulating conversation about faith and politics. Gina wanted to make sure she voted for a person of faith because it’s so important for her. I wouldn’t disagree, however how do you measure. It’s sort of like asking what’s fair? They interviewed Jimmy Carter and his comments were interesting.

One comment Jimmy Carter had that I agree with is the lack of respect that candidates show for each other. It really doesn’t matter who started it, but Reagan and Carter attacked each other in a more civil matter than McCain and Obama. Maybe it’s the hyper media we have today, and the effort it takes to get noticed. Or, maybe it’s because the stakes seem so much higher each side feels they can’t lose. The rhetoric in 1800 was pretty salty given the colloquial rhetoric at the time. I don’t know about 1860.

Nice summary here.

Some more analysis of the Federal Reserve statement.

I missed this, and I apologize. Jan 27 was National Holocaust Remembrance Day. We must never forget, yet, somehow I forgot.

St. Louis is hosting the first welcome home parade for War on Terror vets. By the way, the city of New York said not so much to that sort of patriotism. Probably would screw up the farmer’s market on the Upper West side.

That pipeline pandering decision Obama made. Not only does it kill future jobs, but it kills economic growth today.

What do you make of inflation expectations?

How do you find your stuff on the internet?

This is literally the most exciting thing that will happen to me today on my drive home, assuming we stop there.

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  1. The worst drive is from Salt Lake City to Wendover, Nevada. Absolutely flat, no terrain, no people, no buildings, no vegetation… Just salt flats.

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