Let’s Drop A “Bomb” on The Red Tails

George Lucas is releasing a film soon about the Tuskegee Airman. I cannot wait to see it. It’s a fabulous American story that is even more compelling because of the racism that the Tuskegee Airman had to overcome at home, and in the Army of their country. The National World War Two Museum started undertaking a project over a year ago to celebrate the contribution of the Tuskegee Air Corps to World War Two. My fellow board member, Todd Ricketts, and I are heading up this project.  That project needs your help.

They changed American history. Not only because they helped win a war against a despot, but because they are the seed that started the Civil Rights movement. After the success of the Tuskegee Airman, we saw things begin to change in this country.

The military became integrated. Jackie Robinson played for the Dodgers in 1947. Rosa Parks sat on a bus. Later, Martin Luther King lead a movement that changed a nation. Jim Crow was defeated. All of it can be traced to some really brave pilots that sacrificed a lot for a country that didn’t necessarily accept them.

The National World War Two Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana is engaged in a building project right now. Currently, there is a huge pavilion being built that will talk about the air war over Europe and the Pacific. Boeing generously donated a lot of the money necessary to build that building. The museum will have some planes on display. A B-17 bomber is going to hang from the ceiling. But, the B-17 wouldn’t have made too many trips if it wasn’t for the P-51 Mustang.

The museum found a P-51 that wasn’t flying, and is in the process of rehabbing it so that it can be displayed. It will be painted with the distinctive markings of the Tuskegee Airmen. Their plane will be on permanent display in the museum, along with all the necessary audio, digital and visual displays that are essential to telling their remarkable story. When the last Tuskegee airman passes away, their story will be forever etched into the memory and conscience of America, and the world, through the display at the museum.

However, this museum exhibiting stuff doesn’t come free. Before I was on the museum board, I never realized the amount of fixed costs it took to simply turn the lights on in a museum. The museum is mostly supported from donations from people like you. It’s truly an amazing place, and one that should be on your bucket list of places to see someday.

WW2 was fought by all Americans. Everyone pitched in on the war front, and the home front, to make sure we attained a victory. Virtually everyone sacrificed. I’d love to see each and every American pitch into this worthy cause as well. Let’s honor our WW2 veterans, our grandparents, parents, uncles, brothers, by donating $5, $10, $25, $50 bucks, whatever you can give. Just like in WW2, everyone did their small part. We need to get the same thing going to get this exhibit off the ground.

Even today, babies that are born have their entire lives affected by the outcome of World War Two. Borders were drawn after the war that are still in existence today. Innovations that happened during the war still benefit society today. It was a war fought on every continent, by every race of people walking the earth. It was the ultimate test of a free loving society disposing of a totalitarian axis regime. Fortunately, freedom reigned. One of the reasons was those hyper quick red tailed planes flown by some really excellent pilots. They saved a lot of lives, and ensured that a lot of us are here today.

Please take some time and click the link to give a few bucks to the World War Two museum so we have the money to display and tell the story of those awesome warriors. They sacrificed a lot, we only have to sacrifice a little.

Please tell your friends about this. Email them. Tweet it. Post it on your Facebook or Google+ wall. Persuade them to take five minutes and donate. It would be nice to drop a little “money bomb” on this project.

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Thanks for the support and link Doug Ross.

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  1. If any group ever deserved the full Hollywood treatment, it is the Tuskegee Airmen. It’s about time!

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