Tuesday Breakfast Links

Erik Hurst and Toby Moskowitz get a Kauffman award.

Bama puts a beat down on LSU. Wow.

Phil Vettel, a good food critic, has trouble wrapping his head around the economic concepts of consumer and producer surplus.

I don’t mind anyone having fun, but you have to admit this is a bit excessive.

This fish is a ball buster.

Future Obamacare stories.

Real news that matters, Mad Men returning on March 25.

This is one issue where liberals and conservatives are uniting. Stop SOPA. Not hearing a lot about the “cooperation” from the media though.

Bill Daley steps down as Chief of Staff. The inmates will be running the asylum. Say whatever you want about the Daley clan, with them, it’s business first. For example, Daley had a very cordial relationship with President Bush. He wasn’t disappointed with him in office because the money still flowed to Chicago. Not sure if that is still the case.

The economics behind the Arab Spring.

Merrill Lynch tries to save money by changing the rules with its employees.

Today is the New Hampshire primary. Only real drama is to see if Rudy Guiliani Jon Huntsman has any legs.

Congrats to Crimson Tide fans. Next year USC looks like they will stomp everyone.