Breakfast Links

With the first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts take Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

Tips on raising capital for start ups.

19 things to think about when you start a business.

How to start up yourself. If you love @FAKEGRIMLOCK, you will love this link. Funny, but to the point.

We will see if China implodes in 2012. A lot of folks are predicting it. So many in fact I feel like going the other way. But won’t.

Dave Barry Year in Review. Usually pretty funny.

If you don’t major in something useful, why should taxpayers pay for you?

The evidence is continuing to pile up against global warming. Of course, most supporters don’t treat it like scientist but rabidly follow it as hard as any religious fanatic.

Uber caught a little heat for it’s New Year’s Eve pricing. I am sure they were busy. You couldn’t get a cab in Chicago.

Sound Cloud raises big money. Trying to be the YouTube for sound.

The most corrupt politicians in Washington DC. To do the entire country Congress would have to commission a study.

Forget an elevator pitch. Here are some great one sentence pitches.

Healthbox Accelerator announces start ups in Chicago.

Most target obnoxious quotes of 2011. Usual suspects are quoted.

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