Jan 2 Breakfast Links

Sort of a scary video. Dogs and cats sleeping together. They postulate a lot of death and destruction in world finance, which is possible. Their thoughts on a successful third party candidate are unrealistic. Don’t necessarily agree with their thoughts on a trade war with China. He is also wrong about the US housing market. US Housing won’t drop by 50%. Erik Hurst pegs it at 4%. This is an example of taking some real life issues and wildly speculating. Turning serious issues into wild stuff. Look for more of this in the coming year. I remember in 1988, you started to see a lot of death and destruction books. With this being the Year of the Mayans, we can look forward to a lot more.

Top ten beers of 2011; and Chicago Beer in Review.

What Princeton means for the 1%….

Screaming O‘s hit Walgreen’s.

Policy and economic forecast on Jan 23 in London. Global policy dialogue. Even has a Twitter hashtag.

This is your first clue the Ivy League is no longer the bastion of academic achievement that it once was. #slippage

I don’t know what you ate New Years Eve, but this meal looks pretty mouthwatering.

If you are hiring this year, consider hiring a vet.

The grumpy economist dissects stimulus spending.

The big 2012 story that no one is talking about might be the EPA’s war on coal.

Iowa will hold the first Republican Presidential primary. Social conservatives lifted Rick Santorum when they saw everyone else was out of steam. People dissatisfied with the field are voting for Paul. Romney looks like he might eek out a victory, which is big. New Hampshire next, followed by South Carolina. Florida is the state I will watch closely. You don’t win Florida in the general election, you don’t become President.

An oldie but a goodie

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