Monday Morning Breakfast Links

Because we know cigarette smoking causes cancer, it has become demonized. But, even anti-smoking advocates become special interests when money and power mix to form regulation. The best way to kill the tobacco industry is make it government run! (recall the quote by Milton Friedman regarding sand in the Sahara.)

Some legislators in Illinois want to separate Cook County from the rest of the state. I don’t blame them, but it is not going to happen.

The NBA is back in business.

We need immigration reform. Do you want to have a hand in it?

If you are a betch, do you have a petch?

2012 will be good only because Barney Frank is retiring. Dodd-Frank is one of the worst laws in history.

La Nina returns. Look for the global warming advocates to say the intensity of it is the result of more carbon.

If you are looking for good beer to try on New Years Eve, this is worth a look. I had some really good wine on Christmas Eve with family and friends. None of them were expensive and they all were 90+ points.

What did you learn in 2011?

Pigeons can learn higher math.

Thinking about getting an MBA? You will need more than the traditional MBA skill set to survive. However, if you go to a good program, they will teach you to think differently and apply that skill set to all kinds of things in all kinds of ways.

Happy Boxing Day