Christmas Eve Breakfast Links

Hope you have a great Christmas. We are having a few people over and going to church tonight.

I can’t believe the traffic in Chicago is so bad. People are leaving Illinois.

I was an election judge last November in Chicago. I couldn’t believe the training. You can’t ask for id from anyone. If they sign the form and the signatures don’t match, you don’t question it. In Illinois they rig the elections before they happen. They don’t need to stuff ballot boxes anymore. I think everyone should produce id to vote. Eric Holder doesn’t.

Bah Humbug. Someone’s not bullish.

Old editorial from the Wall Street Journal. I actually like these things. Wish the Trib would still run the comic of Injun Summer, but some idiot thought it was offensive.

In case you missed this, 3rd Quarter GDP now 1.8%. Without growth, we are screwed. The reason the unemployment rate and weekly jobless numbers are falling are directly tied to the labor participation rate, and really bad policy in the White House.

Governor of the Year-Scott Walker from Wisconsin.

Gunfire over some Air Jordans? Dude’s been retired for years.

From hedgie to sex toy manufacturer. Some might think it’s a similar business.

Holiday survival guide for the cook. We are making a Tallgrass Beef brisket today, and I don’t have a pan big enough.

One of my deceased grandmother’s favorite carols. Merry Christmas.