Thursday Breakfast Links

Ho Ho Ho! There may be an accomplice to MF Global. JP Morgan ($JPM)?

Funny, of course it’s true.

If you are a tech pro, should you get an MBA? I’d say it depends on your age, how much you are going to spend both in time and money in getting it.

If you are as old as me, you might remember the story of the two rich guys that went to a poor public school and promised 56 kids they would pay for their college educations. They also mentored a lot of the kids and allowed the kids to come to their office. Here is how it turned out.

More fraud in government. Medicare. There are so many people living off the government in this country it amazes me anything gets done.

Don’t blame the Tea Party.

Lots of wiggle room left. I thought Romney made a misstep today. Newt is flaming out. Maybe it’s time for Perry? Ron Paul is the placeholder candidate for people that are disillusioned and want something different. He isn’t Presidential.

Ugh, just in time for Christmas. More crony capitalism in your stocking courtesy of Obama. Something green. I have looked at I can’t tell you how many solar deals and they all suck. Without government subsidies they never turn a profit.

This is a good post on markets and jujitsu. Very very zen. Never been a tougher tape.

Obamacare already destroying medical innovation. Not really implemented yet. But, I told ya so way back when.

Sing this one for Christmas. A trader’s lament. tip of the hat to Themis Trading