Sunday Breakfast Links

We hear a lot of stories about valor during combat. But there was a different kind of valor displayed on the homefront. Here is one of the most touching stories of WW2. It wasn’t a government program, government directed effort. It was individuals acting in their own self interests. No one told them to do it. They did it because they were good people.

Don’t confuse me with data or facts.

Some thoughts on managing a start up when you encounter real competition.

Roger Simon makes his case for Newt. In the last debate, I thought Romney did really well, as did Newt. I am on the Anyone But Obama team.

Always surprising where legal precedent comes from.

News you can use. Beef lowers cholesterol!

Hogs look like they could get cheaper. Someone got a sell signal. ($HE_F)

Is it different this time?

Ever try to build a website? It can be frustrating.

People are figuring out ways around the cable box, and the whole distributive system of clubs and agents.