Thursday Morning Breakfast Links

The call of the wild. Snowy owls roosting in the city.

Stole this from Ace, but it’s funny.

Don’t know much about history…don’t know much biology.

5 Years After Electronic Trading
by: jdb3590

The great start up stagnation. This is truly pretty sad. The reason for it is the destruction of wealth under Obama. Poor people can’t invest in start ups.

OTC derivatives get traded and cleared. $4 billion of them. ($CME) Tossin’ the Javelin.

Is the man with the hair going third party on us? I bet not. He has TV ratings to consider.

FBI thinks that most of the fraud came from insiders….surprised? I thought not.

How can Newt win?

The Obama campaign people get downright creepy. They get more and more like Nixon every day. Can you imagine what a tyrant Nixon would have been with the social internet?

Is American food bad? I guess if you follow FDA guidelines it is.

Why do we care about the Saxons?

Did you know there was a Winston Churchill Center? We could use a financial Churchillian right about now. Met a few supporters in Chicago. Their mission: Bring the Churchill bust back to the White House. Only way to do that is elect Anyone But Obama.