Tuesday Breakfast Links

Interesting blog post about cooking, with a little religion mixed in.

Great story about someone receiving long overdue credit for unselfish actions.

Did coffee fuel the age of enlightenment?

Sarah Palin calls out Congress on the insider trading scandal.

Dust up over settlement procedures in Ag markets at $CME. It’s not true that CME management was apathetic about which venue it pushed customers. CME pushed the markets electronic, and pushed hard. Ever since they mandated 25% of the Eurodollar futures to the screen back in 2002, they have been selling their customers on the virtue of screen trading. Not that it took much pushing. For floor traders, there are economies of scale and scope to the floor. Screen trading is extremely expensive. They also lose the “edge”. For the community away from the floor, they gain the edge and decrease all in costs by eliminating one or two levels of distribution. Open outcry has been toast for a while, but this puts six feet of dirt on it. Only the options are left.

Pedophilia rampant in Hollywood. Why aren’t they investigating this more closely? Pedophiles, no matter how famous deserve the same sort of perp walk and media treatment coaches are getting right now. There is no excuse.

Why the Eurozone deal will fail. We ought to start a dead pool on the Euro.

No one knows where the money is. I think it’s in someone else’s account. Trading is a zero sum game.

How do you teach entrepreneurship?

People sometimes read books over the holiday season. Here are a couple of good ones.

I have noticed this too. A few years ago, my wife and I noticed that a couple would be out. The guy would be dressed like a bum, the girl dressed to the nines.

In Illinois, there are layers and layers of government. They all get pensions too.

I am totally making this. You can buy belly in Chicago at the Butcher and Larder. I bought a ten pound belly and split it with a friend. I still am cooking some of it. It’s so good. Don’t know how James Altucher can give it up.