Saturday Morning Breakfast Links

Holy crap, the man is less intelligent than I thought.

My gut tells me it’s going to be Romney. Rush Limbaugh calls out Ron Paul. I don’t support Paul and think he sounds good but is whacked. Especially on the central bank and terrorism.

Army v Navy today. They will watch all around the world

I have my life, then there is my surreal life. Yesterday, I met the last living Doolittle Raiders, and listened to George Cloony Sr give a speech. The joke part of the speech was, “Remember your roughage”. The serious part was, “Never let them die.”. As God as my witness, they cannot, and will not die.

If you want to have fun, don’t miss the black tie in New Orleans the first week end in June. I guarantee special things will happen. Last year, Harry Connick Sr. serenaded us. That is not a misprint, Senior. Today, having Clooney Sr speak to us was very interesting. Sometimes you learn a lot from seniors….

  • Bobdavis

    Thats what you get for not taking your teleprompter with you.

  • Short Bus

    It is really simple to figure out whether Ron paul’s ideas are whacked or not. You just reverse the situation and set how you would feel about. Imagine, the iraqi’s had suddenly been able to develop a weapon much more powerful than anything the US had. So the balance of power suddenly reversed, then they decided they did not Obama and wanted him gone ! So they invade the US and occupied it until they either kill him or remove the government and replace it with their choice of government. Are you honestly saying that reversal of situation would not make you as a US citizen want to get revenge on them and terrorize them. Start thinking like a world citizen rather than a US citizen, and you quite quickly start to see things differently. The US has invaded far too many countries and defaced far too many enemies, time to stop it. As for your comment on the fed, Watch “money masters” and some Bill Still videos, and you will figure it out. Bill Still is running for president as an independent you might want to check him out.

    • Bill Still has no chance.  It’s Romney or Gingrich at this point, and there may be a player to be named later.  Anybody but Obama.

  • Short Bus

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes and typos, I hate typing on the iPad for this reason.