Thursday Breakfast Links

Profits are rebounding for companies, but they are paying less in taxes. Companies spend millions to figure out how to avoid taxes. It’s a drain. We ought to just cut corporate rates to something like 10% flat, or better yet, 0% since they are simply aggregators.

The rise of developeronomics.

Walt Disney was innovative.

Does America imprison too many people? What do you think, yes or no? You might be surprised how a fresh water economist analyzes the problem.

Well this isn’t surprising to a person familiar with the Chicago machine. “Follow the money” is a good adage. What if there were no limit on donations in politics, but it was all transparent? Wouldn’t you like to know who is paying who for what in Wisconsin?

I would have been a lot better at math if a teacher could have answered the question I asked him, “When the hell am I ever going to use this in the real world?”. Here should have been my answer, but in his defense back then it was probably classified information.

Man, have I been here. Groupthink sucks. It infects organizations.

Yesterday I held some office hours at Excelerate Labs. I met some really great entrepreneurs, with some really cool ideas for companies. I am going to begin doing this regularly. I like the Excelerate space to hold office hours. If there are entrepreneurs that read this blog, what is your opinion?

Going to be busy today, Illinois Launch has a thing all day, and Hyde Park Angels meets today. There is stuff happening in Chicago. If you want to be a part of it, contact me or go to Built In Chicago. Happy to hook you up, especially if you are a programmer.

Beware the bear. You never know when he will sneak into your portfolio

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  1. Some great reads, Jeff – I especially enjoyed the developernomics article and the one about direct feedback. Speaking of which, office hours at Excelerate is a great way to provide that direct feedback.  A lot of value can be derived from a half-hour conversation. Keep ’em coming.

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