Friday Breakfast Links

Going to a bar with friends can get really stale.  Instead of a night out that’s boring or typical, why not dabble?

It’s unenjoyment today. Good luck trading. I have seen reports that the S&P has a projected range of 18 handles up, and 40 handles down. My guess is the street is short, everyone expects a bad number, cash on the sidelines……smells like napalm in the morning. Unless the number is absolutely horrible I think I might be long a few spus ($SPY, $ES_F) But remember, unemployment used to be really volatile and it’s been tame. Headline rate will be somewhere between 9.1% and 8.9%, non farm under 175k, and Ceres will be full by 11AM.

Innovate like a champion today. Notre Dame has an innovation lab that is starting to pay dividends. I visited the lab. It’s a good place. If I were an ND student, that’s where I would be.

Check out this new Facebook App. Pretty cool, and a neat thing to add to your Facebook before holidays, birthdays or weddings.

If you are a parent that has a kid in athletics, this is a good article to read.

Ah, that insider trading scandal in Congress.  They want you to think they are ashamed and aware, but the legislation that’s being proposed is “toothless”.  Very frustrating.  Let me write the legislation for them.  Here goes, it needs to be less than one page for any elected official, federal, state and local.  Goes for bureaucrats too.  “All your assets go into a blind trust, both retirement assets and monetary assets out of retirement.  You are able to consult with your trustee quarterly if you wish.  The minutes of that meeting are made available to the public, with the asset values expunged.  Upon retirement, or losing an election, your assets come out of the blind trust and you can elect anyone you want to manage them.”.  I think that works.   I always said, if the CFTC wanted to check every trading card I ever wrote on, look over my shoulder at every trade-who cares?  I wasn’t doing anything wrong so let em.

Wow, Peter Thiel raises $625 really large.   Remember, supply creates demand.  Especially when it comes to start ups.

How many Holiday Cards did you order this year?  I ordered a bunch.  Someday, we won’t order any.  We are in that middling time.  How soon before sending a greeting card is old school?

Hey, Kenny Klassman made partner at his law firm, Horwood, Marcus and Berk, yesterday.  Mazel Tov to him!  He is an honest lawyer, and that is saying a mouthful if you know attorneys.  Seriously, if you need some legal work give him a call.

Reflections on a Birthday. I will be 50 in May. Birthdays are fun.

Watch this video. tip of the hat to the ACE of Spades.

Did you buy a Chevy Volt from Government Motors? Neither did anyone else. If they did, they caught on fire. Anyway, I think a car ought to go further than a person can run.

Freakanomics takes on the Euro.

So glad we passed Sarbox. By the way, Dodd-Frank is worse than Sarbanes-Oxley. And not multiples worse, exponentially worse.

Yesterday, we did a little Christmas rap. Today,a Hannakuh carol.