Monday Breakfast Links

There is a God. Ron Zook out as Fighting Illini coach.

Congratulations to my friends David Gamperl and Anna Davlantes. Last night they had a baby girl, Gabriella Britton. Everyone is doing well.

We are starting to find out more about the way government operated during the financial crisis. Hey, they didn’t just short the market on inside info, but they used your taxpayer dollars to secretly fund cronies too! Should have let them all go broke. The system would have been fine. Paulson couldn’t let that happen as I wrote on November 1, 2008.

In case you didn’t know, they are trying to solve the EU crisis. That’s why futures were up overnight. Because any solution should include printing more money, gold ($GLD) rallies too.

It pays to be cynical. What was the most ridiculous thing on Black Friday? Probably the breathless reporting. The next most ridiculous thing was the statistical reporting. I think that Barry is probably right. Hope an exec takes him up on his $1000 challenge. Safe to say, no one knows the real data yet, or even if they made money. My guess is people put off spending, went out and bought necessities.

Read this and you know that the inmates are running the asylum. I can’t believe the rank and file NEA lets them get away with this. Not only do they not fund the Illinois Teachers Pension fund, they raid it for other purposes, and then use it to benefit themselves. No different than insider trading on Capitol Hill, just in different clothes. In this case, they didn’t stop at ripping off the pension fund. Their kids got free tuition too. (driving up the price for the little people that had to pay full tuition)

Ever wonder why you have to turn off your cell or electronic device when you are on a plane? Me too.

If you missed this article on China, read it. My daughter said it’s pretty correct. China is the pinnacle of crony capitalism.

This is true. Liberals keep sanitizing the facts on Obama. I was with a few the other day having coffee. When I mentioned that Corzine should be in jail for fraud and he was no different than Madoff there was silence. If he was a conservative Republican, they would have jumped in to attack. For the record, I abhor the “conservative” crony capitalists in Congress that shorted stocks and worked deals for themselves, like Spencer Bachus.

Ideally, individuals would self select and change majors. However, we do such a poor job educating, or a really good job brainwashing, that it hasn’t happened in the US yet. I am waiting for all the blog posts about how great China is to dictate this and shouldn’t government start dictating what people do with their lives in the US.

I don’t know if you have been watching the global warming scandal with all the other scandals out there (Financial, Obama’s Fast and Furious gun running, Solyndra, Green Energy, Congressional Insider Trading) but emails have been released that clearly show the scientists that were absolutely, positively, sure that man was destroying the planet with carbon emissions worked behind the scenes to crush dissent and not follow the scientific method. You ought to at least follow this one. What is clear is the statistics that created the hockey stick graph were hyper manipulated. So was public opinion.

  • Sharmac2002

    so now that you have got you balanced hat out…dissing corrupt conservatives too…are you ready to join Ron Paut’s camp?
    btw…the freedom you talk about is being assaulted…here is a chance for petitioning against the rape of freedom
    hope you action is where you mouth is

    • I don’t know that anyone in the upper reaches of the Bush administration was a true financial conservative.  That’s why they lost Congress in 2006.  They were social conservatives, and there is a big difference.