Saturday Rivalry Breakfast Links

Lot of good football rivalries play today. Enjoy them while they last. You never know which conference is going to go bust next, making a treasured rivalry a thing of the past. Think Texas A&M-Texas, or Missouri-Kansas. LSU looks pretty tough after handling Arkansas at home. National Championship game is in New Orleans this year.

I love this article. VC investing sometimes is a lot like trading. You have to separate from the herd. How do you know when you are right? In trading, you know pretty quickly usually. The markets validate you. Investments in companies take a lot longer. Does groupthink drive your investment decisions or management of your company?

Supply and demand in your brain.

I am on the Mike and Gina Show this morning.

Twitter scraping is becoming huge. Sometimes the data is pretty skewed, so you have to be careful what you conclude or assert. But it’s interesting data that will only grow as people get more comfortable with Twitter.

Europe is creating contagion.

Gold is dropping. That shows you that leverage is coming out of the market. It’s not like fear has left the market.

Funny, I thought social media and the internet was going to empower individualism.

Can the Republicans get to 60 in the Senate? Maybe, but it’s an uphill battle. Democrats have almost no chance of getting back the House. But, if the Tea Party continues it’s really strong momentum, many leaders could see their wings clipped.

Michigan plays Ohio State with nothing on the line again, except pride. Michigan thinks that it has a pretty good shot of snapping a losing streak this year I think.

They are playing the Iron Bowl again today. SEC football is best in the US for now.

Of course, Army v Navy is probably the best pure rivalry in all of sport. They will play in a week. But, as usual the Air Force has already locked up the Commander In Chief’s trophy.