Black Friday Breakfast Links

Okay, the censorship bill was stopped. But, nothing that evil ever dies. It has found new life as a “jobs” bill. Please call your elected representative, especially Senators, and tell them the truth behind this job killing, and innovation killing bill.

If you are shopping online for Black Friday, here is a new way to do it.

There are opportunity costs to everything. Green energy is a myth. How does that plug in car get the electricity to recharge it? Odds are good it is a coal fired plant. Even hybrid cars use batteries, and those batteries aren’t made in a vacuum. Mining for the parts of those batteries can be incredibly corrosive.

Want to know the inside scoop on Black Friday? Check out the Talented Blonde.

Here are the top ten ways to use the leftovers from Thanksgiving. I am not a fan of turkey soup.

Illinois legislator wants Chicago to be its own state. I appreciate his sentiment, but I wonder just how much of the economic development in the state of Illinois would be around without Chicago.

Government gone wild. Over the last decade the number of federal govt employees has grown 15%. His point about people in the Department of Defense is a bit flimsy, because generals make over 100k per year. The better point for defense is to know what/how many civilian employees over 100k per year. Here is an example of government waste.

Little Howlin’ Wolf is singing the blues for Europe. They are going down.

Former Chicago Mayor Daley’s wife has passed away. Will be a few days of mourning in Chicago. My condolences go out to the Mayor and his family. Mrs. Daley did a lot for education, the arts and making the city more of a home. She will be missed.

This is an interesting thought. Corzine was CEO of Goldman, was it run the same way as he ran MF?

More fallout stories from the MF Global fraud.

If you didn’t know, here is how to give thanks like a betch. Save this one for next year.

European stocks fall. Government debt is the Grinch the stole Christmas across the world.

Angel Accelerators help lots of businesses get started. But there is a reason they are more important. They help create jobs.

This censorship thing is bad. Why aren’t news organizations broadcasting this? Only reason I can think of is they have concluded that they will benefit short term from it.

Here’s to you Mrs. Maggie Daley. A city cries for you today.

  • Streetwise Professor

    Thanks for the link, Jeff . . . except “little” can be applied to Howlin’ Wolf only ironically.  He was 6’6″, 300 + lbs, and one scary MF.