Friday Morning Breakfast Links

On the road again today. Headed to Oxford, MS. Anyone want to meet up in the Grove tomorrow? No way they beat LSU, but they will win the party.

This morning I am going to interact with students at the number one EMBA program in the world at a breakfast. Hopefully I will be interesting, and they won’t choke on their breakfast. Thanks to the folks on Twitter this morning that helped me with my short presentation.

It’s not just me that is frustrated and angry. I don’t think it’s a right wing or left wing thing. People that understand markets know things are messed up.

There are two websites that are trying to help with the MF mess. One run by James Koutoulas, and the other run by John Roe.

There are better places to occupy than Wall Street. It was amazing to me that the OWS people had a moment of silence for the guy that shot at the White House. Can you imagine if the Tea Party would have done that?

How do you get your first customer if you are a start up? related, just because you build the killer ap, doesn’t mean they will use it.

MF really has done some psychological damage, and physical damage to the system. While $CME isn’t culpable, as MF’s designated self regulator, they needed to act faster and more decisively to restore faith in the system. Of course, the Barhardt site is a whack job.

The Tea Party has some substantive policy statements. Funny, I don’t see one racist thing in here. Unless you think it’s racist to cut government spending and reduce the size/scope of government. The one point I don’t agree with is a balanced budget. There are times that you want to deficit spend-I’d cite WW2 as an example. The other broader point is that budgeting is accounting. You can make accounting numbers look any way you want. It’s the economics that matter.

Here is a social media company to watch. It is interesting to see how businesses use and target consumers with social media.

A new incubator opens in Tampa, Florida. Usually, the only thing in Florida that resembles that is incubation…..actually there is a small tech community in Tampa.

Chicago gets innovative with its holiday light display.

Yelp files for an IPO. Was interacting with some middle of the road Democrats. Their take: lots of ipo’s in the pipeline, if Europe doesn’t implode then by this time next year they think unemployment will be slightly over 8%, and GDP will be on an uptick. They actually hope Obama is not re-elected, but think he might be. They are disappointed. They know he has been an economy killer.

Ycharts gets another round of funding at a higher valuation, and a new partner. Morningstar. If you trade stock, and research them, give it a try.

I am not the only one that thinks the Euro cannot sustain itself.