Monday Breakfast Links

A long journey. I am familiar with a lot of people that have made the same trek. It takes some thought, and inner exploration.

An Essay on Freedom from a person who knows a bit about it. He received the Medal of Honor.

The amount of jobs killed over the last three years. Amazing the destruction an activist big government can do.

How many people died at Tea Party rallies? Wonder how many were sexually assaulted at Tea Party rallies too? Where is NOW now?

You only have a couple of months to get incandescent bulbs before the government forcibly shuts down the business in the name of global warming.

Liberal journalist Scott Pelley gets schooled by Newt Gingrich.

Thoughts on the 2012 election.

13 Crowd funding websites for your business.

10 words that ruin a resume.

Maybe this is why they spend so much to get a seat in Congress? Conservative blogger and Tea Party supporter Andrew Breitbart calls for Republican Spencer Bachus to resign.

Made this last evening. It was excellent.

Supply creates demand.

Entrepreneurs discuss success, failure and what they learned.

good vid from Excelerate Labs

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