Saturday Morning Breakfast Links

Interview with Gibson guitar CEO; who had government agents storm his offices. Like something out of a black and white movie. He donated to the wrong party.

What do a bunch of old Jews know about living? Is it the chicken soup? The kreplach? tip of the hat to Josh.

Want to start a business? Here is what Peter Thiel is looking for.

Don’t forget, when you start a company you have to put skin in the game. Otherwise known as bootstrapping.

When it’s time to raise money, should you take VC or angel money? The consequences are very different.

Another insider bites the dust in Chicago. Illinois has more crony capitalism than any other place.

All that rollercoaster stuff, ignore it. Stocks end the week basically unchanged except there were dislocations in certain sectors.

This might be kind of cool. World War Two on Twitter.

Everyone is saying it will be an emotional day at the Penn State-Nebraska game today. C’mon. It’s a game. The emotional part is the boys that were hurt. No one knows all the facts yet, but assuming that the at the time student coach McQueary saw Sandusky in the middle of a sex act with a ten year old boy-don’t you bust his chops and call the police right away? Don’t you grab that boy and get him in front of a psychologist right away? Then, you tell Paterno the unvarnished truth and Joe Pa is still on the sidelines today. Sad way for Paterno to go out, but this isn’t about Penn State. It’s about the boys.

top hit from November 1969