Tuesday Morning Breakfast Links

Bears beat the Birds….sorry Jim Cramer. Told ya.

Miss the pits. The last line is right, the edge is gone. Unless you have co-location, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Only way to make money as a human consistently in these markets is in options.

This is a pretty good video.

Hey, check it out. Accounting works. You can paper over losses and carry them forward, bury them in notes, push them off balance sheets with tricks for only so long. Then it becomes time to do the laundry. Government balance sheets in Europe are cracking as we speak do to shoddy accounting. China’s is extremely suspect. So is the United States.

Occupy Wall Street should have occupied K Street and Washington DC. Want to get rich in the finance business? Become a regulator.

Think if you tax foreign profits, it will make a difference? Read this analysis.

In Oregon, there is an ap for voting. In Chicago, they have been doing this for years with the iVote ap. You can use it again and again.

Argentina is going to implode, again. tip of the hat Insty. Maybe it’s karma for letting Eichmann and the rest of the Nazis live there.

No one should play the race card. Aren’t we above all that now? Herman Cain has come under scrutiny. It’s because he is a conservative, not because he is black that the media is playing it the way they are playing it. Race has nothing to do with it.

Silicon Valley is based on relationships. It’s a continuous game if you are thinking game theory. No Nash equilibriums.

Do we need an eHarmony for voters?

Interesting article on wireless, spectrum, and how the government should make money from it. I am all for competitive auctions, but they shouldn’t stifle innovation. Of course, if they stifle innovation in one technology, maybe someone will engineer around it.

The new patent law does nothing to solve the problems that existed. As a matter of fact, the way I read it big companies will use the patent law to claim turf and create a bubble around existing business to insulate themselves from competition.

Teachers are no where near underpaid. I figured that out a long time ago. IN fairness, most of the money spent on education doesn’t go to salaries, it goes to feed an ever increasing, do nothing bureaucracy.

What’s it take to get more time with a Congressman?

There should be a market for organ donation. It would make things more efficient. It’s crass I know. But it would allow for more organs to be donated, and more lives to be saved. There is a black market in organs now. Gary Becker did an academic study on it. I am an organ donor, and hopefully you are too. Maybe we should tax people that aren’t?

If all the Greece, and now Italian news seems to hit close to home regarding American finances, there is a reason why. There is also a reason why we aren’t like them too.

WhatKeynes would have said about Obamacare?

Veterans Day is coming up.