Tuesday Morning Breakfast Links

I was driving back from North Carolina. Saw my daughter at college, stopped in Knoxville, TN and walked around, then drove to Chicago. Back in the saddle.

Racism in Silicon Valley.

Best Halloween costume.

Don’t think regulation doesn’t affect small entrepreneurs, think again. A message to both parties, let the entrepreneurs and capitalists figure this stuff out. Don’t pick or legislate winners and losers. Let us lose or make our own money by creating businesses that let consumers choose.

Ouch. Better start measuring the drapes for the library.

The bazooka wasn’t big enough. That’s not what she said, it’s what Mr. Market said.

More on MF Global ($MF) One thing I will say, the futures business is not like the stock business. I think the guys that tried to run the MF futures business like a stock business got spanked. They learned the hard way. They are similar, but not the same.

Follow the money.

The mortgage melt down foundation was in government, not Wall Street.

A sad day for Ole Miss. My daughter is a KD down there. Black ribbons all over campus. Pray for the families that lost their sons.

Who do you like Saturday? The Bayou Bengals

or the Crimson Tide?

Too many start ups chasing too little capital.

Steve Jobs eulogy. I think last words are sometimes creepy. Henry Ford saved Thomas Edison’s last breath in a test tube.

Watch Peter Roskam. Smart guy.

No sooner do I write about racism, and a high tech lynching happens to Herman Cain. I don’t have a horse in the Republican race yet. However, I do know that if you are a person of color it takes a tremendous amount of courage to announce you are a conservative. I doubt seriously if Cain is guilty of the charges. Seems like he has a lot more character than that.

Maybe Chevy Chase in Fletch had the right idea.

Someone stream this to the Occupy Wall Street people