21 thoughts on “The One Video You Need to Watch Today

  1. The body language on the interviewer says it all.  Liberal doesn’t mean open mined, it means they can ignore reality.

  2. Mr. Epstein makes a valid point: “Inequality” in the market place is an incentive for competition and innovation. That’s what it boils down to: healthy competiton that helps economies thrive.. It also results in better consumer choices.  Marxists, who are averse to capitalism anyway, hate that idea because it doesn’t take from those who earn (“evil wealthy”) and give to those who won’t.

  3. This video encapsulates the intellectual arguments over what is taking America and the world down. 

    May there be a multitude of Epsteins to argue for us.

    Thanks for the vid.

  4. It seems that most liberals (middle class and poor) are unable to understand the most basic concepts of economy and wealth, and what built our economic and industrial dynamo. The rich liberals (like some very prominent Democrats) are acting as enemy agents out to sabotage our successful system.

    1. Talk about self serving. Someone who understands how to build fortune but doesn’t agree with your social policies, then doesn’t understand how to build fortune. Sure thing….

      1. How the heck did you get ‘not understanding how to build fortune’ out of my point about deliberate economic sabotage? Did you drink the bong water again? Hmmm… Maybe you should market this novel beverage to other liberals so they can be as honest about their confusion. (There ya go! Free wealth-building advice!)

  5. What most non-liberals don’t get (conservatives, who knows?) don’t get is that middle/lower class people understand money doesn’t grow on trees. It’s based on something that eventually runs out. That’s when you get the mega rich. The wealthy people don’t give money away. How else would they get it in the first place if they did that.  That’s how you get the problem of poverty, crime and things like this. Smells like a bunch of people who think they’re upper middle class. Worse smells like the arcommers gd section. Major problem is that the hot air talkers think poor people don’t understand that eventually the money stops moving with rich people. Lot of hot air by people afraid their little game is going away.

    1. Wait, so the rich ‘get’ their money by not giving it away? or do you mean to poor people? Are you saying the rich play hot potato with their money in a circle of rich folk? That’s not only ridiculous it’s a literally circular argument and an incoherent one at that. I do agree that middle/lower class people understand money, but obviously not all of them since their behavior suggests otherwise. Money does not stop with rich people. I mean, do you seriously view ‘rich people’ as Disney villains in their 19th Century suits and capes, wringing their hands, chuckling and twirling their mustaches as they contemplate where to hide their wealth? Your analysis of the situation is incredibly juvenile as well as your brief description of our economy. Do you realize that YOU are the ones targeted by liberals and socialist-types because you are the most susceptible to misdirection? They play on your sense of envy, jealousy and entitlement.

  6. We simply don’t need any wealthy people, of course. It’s just that simple. Yes. don’t worry about the math behind wealth, just forget that. That’s not smart thinking. If we do away with the “rich”, everyone will be wealthier! Just simple.

    The liberal mind is just horribly constructed. But the limit to the sumgness of a PBS reporter appears to not exist. His just not very smart.

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