Thursday Morning Breakfast Links

Chicago’s Hyde Park Angels portfolio company Gradebeam is bought by Textura. Entrepreneurial ecosystem spawns another success in Chicago.

A letter to Republican candidates.

Private college makes successful start ups.

Tips on running a small food business.

Comparing some Farm Bill proposals.

The world’s biggest garage sale doing okay. ($EBAY)

Position limits.

What VC’s are seeing.

How to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We got a little weather here yesterday.

Groupon scales back its valuation. No biggie. Company has come a long way since inception.

Abbot Labs ($ABT) is splitting into two companies.

Yesterday’s CPI number is the first one that gives an argument to the inflationistas. We have printed so much cash worldwide it’s difficult for many economists not to imagine massive inflation. Gold bugs rejoice. ($GLD, $GC_F)

US birth rate stalls. This is actually pretty big news. Demographics play a big part in economic growth. Without a constant supply of young people, growth stops. Ask the Shakers of Ohio.

Algae as fuel.

Windy in Chi…..

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    Love this song .. Ever since I was a kid .. Even had a crush on a girl named Wendy.. could’ve been because this!!