Wednesday Breakfast Links

Yeah, I am on board with this too.

Hey, how come Occupy Wall Street isn’t knocking on Big Labor’s doors? Unionized labor is why states like Illinois, New Jersey, New York, California and Rhode Island are broke.

Eggs and cholesterol.

CFTC has votes to pass position limits. It may or may not hurt exchanges ($CME, $ICE, $NYX) in the short run. In the long run it does because as the industry expands, positions held by traders will expand.

A quiz to start your day. Who said it Tea Partyier or Occupy Wall Streeter?

Now that Ezra Klein is defending Obamanonomics, it’s useful to remember this. Blades in this election will be sharp. It will be the bloodiest we have seen since 1860.

VW recalls the diesel TDI. Damn shame. I love my BMW diesel.

Why should fans pay a sin tax on college athletic tickets? I mean, they are getting a free ride to school that is worth something. Shouldn’t the media be paying the stipend? Fans will pay with more commercials, or higher ticket prices in the end. The real problem is most of these guys that are playing big time sports don’t belong in college.

Day 2 of the FIA Expo is today. I went yesterday and saw some cool things. But I didn’t see any protestors. Know why? It wasn’t Columbus Day and all the union workers had to go back to work-assuming they had a job.

I want to see where this goes. It’s not just currency trading where skimming occurs. Corporate Bonds, Muni Bonds, Stocks, you name it, if it’s SEC regulated the market is messed up.

1,2,3,4, how do you start a trade war? I thought the Senate was the “cooling saucer”?

If you like roller coasters, the rest of the year might be your kind of trade.

It didn’t take the OWS crowd long to protest in front of the wealthiest New Yorkers. Why? Because there aren’t as many of them as there used to be.

Halloween is coming. Here is how to go as Wednesday