Wednesday Breakfast Links

Reasons to disband the CBC.

I am for repealing Obamacare, and every Presidential candidate ought to say that. But it doesn’t mean all is well in health care. This speech by Paul Ryan is right, repeal and replace with a transparent marketplace.

People have tweeted at me and asked “Are you running?” Yes I am. Yes We Can! Stocktwits Party.

My platform is pretty simple.

1. Get the government out of what little hair I have left.
2. When in doubt, see rule one.

I see the North Carolina governor is already afraid of my candidacy.

I thought the best way to get traffic was celebrity breasts. Damn, wrong again.

Watched the show last night on ESPN. I remember game seven, walking into Kelsey’s on Lincoln Ave in Chicago as Kerry Wood hit the 3 run homer to tie it up. No way I thought the Cubs would lose. As miserable as 2003 was, 1984 was worse. Was at Butch McGuire’s for games 3, 4, and 5. After watching the show, we ought to forget about Steve Bartman. Feel really bad for him. It’s a game, and he has a life.

After dining on McGriddle‘s, Chris Christie gave a helluva speech. I know that secretly, he was afraid of the Stocktwits juggernaut.

The metal bulls are out again. ($GLD, $SLV) Remember, inventory is one of the most volatile things on a balance sheet. Gold is simply inventory.

My presidential theme song; got to appeal to seniors. They vote.