Tuesday Breakfast Links

Boomers versus Gen Xers. Who got what.

End farm subsidies. Finally some liberals are getting it.

Free trade brings Jobs Jobs Jobs. Dems are holding up the trade agreements.

I guess this is what Obama meant about deregulation. #actionsspeaklouderthanwords

How’s the largest tax increase in state history working out for you?

I like to short stocks that do buybacks.

A question of time. Amazon targets Apple. ($AMZN, $AAPL)

Some thoughts on angel financing and pro rata rights.

It’s not going to be easy, but you will read more sob stuff like this in the coming years as the size and scope of government shrinks. Privatize. Privatize. Privatize.

All college tuition is going up. Here is a company that wants to help.

Oh no, HTTPS has been hacked.

Organic milk sales are up. Saw another report that hay farmers are sending their hay to China, and the price has gone up quite a bit for US farmers. US dairy farmers are responding by culling their herds, driving up the price of regular milk. Makes the trade off between organic and regular cheaper. Then of course, there is a government trade issue causing havoc in the hay market.

Before all the Democrats get excited about another rich guy asking Obama to get his taxes raised; let’s look at some facts. Out of all the questioners, he was handpicked. Here are some stats on his political giving. Isn’t the transparency the internet avails great? Tip of the hat, ACE.

I would just privatize the Postal Service. Here is how you say that when you have earned a Nobel.

If you are up early, James Altucher is on CNBC at 4AM. I don’t think that is a part of his daily practice.

Technori’s pitch event in Chicago is sold out. But looks like some neat companies will present.

Whatever you think of Sarah Palin, it’s pretty shameful how the press has tried to destroy her. She has a strong constitution. I don’t care that many want to say it was bad with Jefferson and Hamilton back in 1800, it was shameful then and shameful today.