Wednesday Breakfast Links

Here is a map of unemployment fraud by state.

Why you shouldn’t pay for an Ivy League education.

When I was a student in the College of Business at the University of Illinois in 1982, I heard about some Materials Science people messing with material to replace carbon wire. Well, two engineers at Rice University in Texas finally figured it out. ($FCX, $NEM, $HG_F)

Tyson settles with workers. 32M settlement.($TYS)

China is a huge opportunity for American pork farmers. However, the Dutchies are there first. ($SFD)

Illinois rejects a 4500 head hog farm. This is a classic Coase problem. Would it make sense for the hog farmer to pay for the homeowner to move, plus a little pain and suffering for the inconvenience? Whatever decision they arrived at would be better for all of us. ($HE_F)

This is one of the dumbest ideas and biggest waste of government funds ever. Just shoot them and donate the meat to who ever wants it.

Obama’s plan has taxes for some, but lots of fees for everyone else.

Maybe make some of this for the Bears/Packers game this weekend. Packer fans can have jerky, some brats, some Pabst. They can bring hot dish too.

All trading is tough. I have position traded, scalped, momo traded. None of it is easy and in ten years it will all be machines anyway. You’ll need really, and I mean really, deep pockets to trade.

$CME’s COO defends HFT trading in their recent blog post. Without actually running the numbers, it’s hard to know. My gut tells me the trading ranges aren’t too much bigger with HFT in futures, but the depth of market is less at any given time, and the slippage is a lot more than when it was pit traded. I also know that when economic numbers come out, the market trades far differently than it used to.

Yep, that about says it right.

On this day in 1790, Benedict Arnold committed treason against the US.