Best Line I Heard All Week

In the constant discourse between differing views of how to stimulate an economy, I constantly hear how stimulus packages proposed and passed by Democrats are full of shovel ready projects.

Well, reading some commentary on the internet I heard my new answer to “shovel ready.”

“My dog has created more shovel ready projects than Obama.”

UPDATE (Sep 23, 2011, 10:14am)

Jeffrey Carter
My dog has created more shovel ready projects than Obama
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I was happy to see Republican Presidential candidate Gary Johnson use this line in the debates last night. ABC has tried to mute the effectiveness of it, by pointing out he borrowed the line. Well, truth be told, I never claimed credit for it-I actually read it in the comments section of another blog, and then after putting it up here, used it in another blog post on my site. When I read it, I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. I immediately tweeted it. I also used the line on my friend’s radio show last Saturday.

Satire is best when it’s short, sweet, funny but has a grain of truth to it. Will Rodgers and Mark Twain are some of the best satirists I know of and I think they would have used the “shovel ready” line as well.

Again, I don’t claim credit for that line. I hope Republican candidates, and Democratic candidates use it A LOT because it’s true. The multiplier effect of government stimulus is 0. The Democratic stimulus was an abject failure, and so is the current roadmap set out for the future by the Obama administration.

We need to learn our economic lessons quickly. Time is running out.

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  1. Any sort of large scale infrastucture project doesn’t have all of its design, enviro filings and permits done in advance of funding, none of them …  the fact is until funding is promised nothing is really done to start a project, nothing …  this idea that there are big jobs lined up just waiting for some sort of sugardaddy funding to appear is simply nonsense on stilts …

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