Saturday Breakfast Links

Small business aren’t creating jobs. Why?

9/11 is tomorrow. Of course, we lost a lot of people on that fateful day. We have lost more good people in the subsequent war. Here is a link to a thoughtful piece on the 30.

Most impressive thing about Yahoo($YHOO) is it still exists.

If you missed it. This is pretty good.

Are corporations hoarding cash? Certainly, cash balances have grown. But to accounting neophytes out there, “cash” isn’t money.

People who changed their career paths after 9/11.

The new civility. Those SOB tea party people are so violent. I mean, union thugs.

What about all that green power?

Part of the re-regulation program. There isn’t a whole lot of deregulation going on. This kills jobs.

A new helmet cam.

Drunk moose in Sweden.

If you ever wanted to know what went on in a farrowing house, read this. ($HE_F)

The are coming after the banks again on September 17. ($GS,$MS,$BAC, $C)

This video is for John Huntsman