Sunday Brunch (Bow Tie) Breakfast Links

Jim Rogers endorses Ron Paul for President.

Jim Rogers thinks Ag is the place to be. ($DE,$MON,$AIGA,$DBC,$ADM,$SFD,$BG,$TYS)

Some facts about physical metals, and their ETFs. ($SLV, $GLD)

Sex in bathrooms is becoming more prevalent. Don’t forget to knock. If you are at a fancy place, put your tie on the door knob.

Today on the East Coast if you are staying out of inclement weather, order this.

A pseudorandom walk down Wall Street by Abstruse Goose.

Google+ explained.

The bunny is back. The original mansion is around the corner from my apartment.

The agony of the GOP establishment.

VP Joe Biden thinks more stimulus is needed and everyone is mad at S&P. Uh, Joe. Hate to break it to you. Everyone is mad at Washington DC. We only think S&P is stupid because they didn’t downgrade sooner.

Lawyers create economies of scale that feed on themselves. For more on this, click here and listen.

The sneaky way the city of Chicago increases costs of living. All she has to do is “duke” her alderman.

A film on raw milk. Raw milk cheese is one of the pleasures of life. We have to go to foreign countries to get it. I’d think more of Obama if he changed the regulations on this.

How to tie a bow tie. They are easy to untie!