Breakfast Links

I am going to be at the Funding Post panel in Chicago all day today.

Might want to read this before Gentle Ben speaks on Friday.

Corn outlook was too optimistic. That’s inflationary. ($ZC_F)

Greg Harmon called the close yesterday. I followed him and made 8 handles on the trade. ($ES_F)

Texans are asked to cut power usage. Hey, how is that hopey changey domestic energy policy working for you? We need to drill baby drill, frack baby frack, nuke baby nuke.

Study calls for less water usage in agriculture. I am sure we will be able to do that without using genetically engineered crops, right?

Google ($GOOG) caught importing illegal pharma from Canada.

Steve Jobs from $AAPL steps down. Sad. He made the world a much better place and I wish Godspeed to him and his family. My only wish is that back in the 1970’s he and Wozniak had better strategy and let other devices use their operating system. Then we wouldn’t have that infernal Windows which I detest.

A beer science mystery solved. Where else but in Madison, Wisconsin.

A sign that the apocalypse is surely upon us. Bill Clinton is a vegan.

Groupon must be taking on some water.

Check out this website. I kind of like it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Gross, absolutely gross.

5 Things Entrepreneurs need to know about valuation.

If you have never had Durian, you ought to try it.

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