Sunday Brunch Breakfast Links

I lifted this from Ace. Wow. When I have been in the suburbs of Chicago this summer, clouds of mosquitoes have descended on me. It’s as bad as any summer I remember. Of course, all the new wind power turbines are killing bats and birds, so we are losing a lot of bug eaters.

Photogallery of the 2011 Air And Water Show in Chicago

Is there a glut of Farmer’s Markets?

What start ups can learn about crisis management.

Our best American export.

When to tip and when not to tip.

Argentina censors blogs. President there is a commie.

Gold will hit an inflation adjusted $2300. Same price as the high tick from the 1970’s. ($GLD)

I have been messing around with Foursquare for a while. Someone tell me, what’s the point? It’s better to check in on Facebook if you want to hook up with friends. Sometimes there is the rare occasion that a business gives you something for checking in. However, I can pay for the free root beer myself thank you very much. Foursquare doesn’t seem to be worth the time to me on a cost/benefit analysis right now.

Data this week

Tues-New Home Sales
Wed-Durable Goods
Thurs-Jobless Claims
Friday-GDP (Round 2), Bernanke speaks at Jackson Hole

There are treasury auctions all week.

Have a great Sunday.

  • Funny you talk about 4square! Tweeted last night that Im going to give it a try, even though I still dont see the point lol

    • got some twitter spam about it. some companies see some value in it. I don’t know though. I see Twitter, LinkedIn FB, G+, and other “loose” social networks like Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. Foursquare is already on FB with the “Check in”. Why doesn’t FB just enter and kill their business?