Deer In the Headlights Breakfast Links

Yes, it was a bloodbath. I don’t know that it’s over yet.

The Web is 20. Not old enough to drink yet, but old enough to fight. Economists say it takes 30 years for the full effects of true innovation to make their way through every part of the economic spectrum.

Timeline of upcoming events in Europe the next few weeks

Some levity. Click the link, you will need it after yesterday.

S&P didn’t really need to sharpen it’s pencil.

I think my portfolio must have had too many sips of this yesterday

Top 10 Schools where students like to study the most.

Top 10 Party Schools.

By the way, I have a kid at each…..

The Talented Blonde with some advice on the market.

Here is a photo of Obama giving his speech yesterday

Glenn Hubbard, Professor at Columbia discusses S&P downgrade.

Funny post about shopping in China, “I give you ‘old friend’ price.”

14.28% of the US population is now on food stamps.

Ace pointed us to 25 things the kids of today will never know.

Airlines rolling back fares. See, incentives matter. ($UAL, $DAL, $AMR, $LUV, $JBLU)

Testing the limits of science. Test tube burger lounges in our future?

Take my President please. Renewed sense of urgency? WTF. Shouldn’t we have done that from the start?

If you are into statistics check out this. I maintain the worst I ever saw, and never want to see again was October 1987. Brutal.

Tyson ($TYS) foods profit takes a 21% hit.

I thought this was a good article. Similar to the one I wrote yesterday.

I was on CNBC yesterday

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