Friday Unemployment Breakfast Links

Income in the US fell of a cliff last year.

Great column about a funny issue.

I want my Mommy.

Eating healthy isn’t easy if you are poor.

2011, the year we gave up on guvmint

The carnage continues on Wall Street.

I think Wall Street is managing expectations. 110k Non-farm payroll on Monday. By midweek, 85k. Looked at it yesterday, 50k.

The Dark Lords say sell Hormel. ($HRL)

Hey, since the market acts like a casino, maybe you should buy them($LVS, $WYNN).

$VIX explodes.

Is it time to buy? Sharks are circling.

A touching story of a ring. There is a reason they call them “ring knockers”.

This is something to watch. If you haven’t watched good rugby check this out. Happens in September. I played one year in college. Have the broken hand and scar on my shoulder to prove it. (2nd Row if you were wondering)

Good luck trading this market today, cut your size. It can be dangerous to your equity. Hope you catch a good ride. In an absolute capitulation, I will look to buy a few $SPY at 1000.

Lollapalooza is in Chicago this week end.

Maybe this will be today’s market song

2 thoughts on “Friday Unemployment Breakfast Links

  1. Jeffrey: 

    Thanks for your comment about my grandfather’s ring story (in the Smithsonian Magazine)… The ring that rings again… Still believing that it can be found.The recent economic turbulence brings me back down to earth in a hurry…

    1. It is an amazing story! I sent it to the National World War Two Museum and they put it on their Facebook. I am an Air Force Academy drop out, I know what those rings really mean to people. More than just metal. Glad you have it and it was saved.

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