Rubio For President 2016 or 2020

Depends on who gets elected in 2012. Rubio is a Tea Partier. It will take at least that long to get rid of the Republicans that hold big government dear. Traitors to some, “Extremists” to others. Or, is it just good solid sense?

From Rubio’s rhetoric, it sounds like to me the Tea Party wants to do something now about the debt, and raise the debt ceiling. He is one of the few Senators that has a good grasp of economics.

John Kerry asks a few questions to try and slow him down, but it clearly shows the chasm between the two sides.

5 thoughts on “Rubio For President 2016 or 2020

  1. He really is a marvelous speaker;  he comes across as “real”, vs. the obvious phonies and idiots (Dick Durbin, who didn’t realized they only needed a simple majority to pass a budget vote in the Senate–what a JACKASS), and you are right, he has a marvelous grasp of what’s really going on, and conveying it to others.  I loved the way he answered Kerry.  Rubio is quick on his proverbial feet.  He sounds more intelligent (though the bar is quite low!) than 99 others in the place.

  2. Unless someone marvelous comes in for the Republicans this year, and would be worth having around for 8 years, I’d go for Rubio in ’16.  The guy is just superb, I can’t see anything wrong with him yet.  I love how he ended up speaking.  This is not merely rhetoric, or at least I didn’t feel that way.  He really is upset, as he and all the rest of us SHOULD be. 

  3. I’ll give you that. He is charismatic and speaks effectively, in layman terms, and much more intelligently than other Tea Partiers. He gives the impression that passing the bill is a very easy task, which it should be, but in reality getting the budget through after years without a budget is proving extremely difficult. And those quotes of President Obama were a typical cheap shot.

  4. Rubio is the Republicans’ Obama – a great orator, as conservative as Obama is liberal. But a *President* Rubio, even with a Tea Party Congress behind him, would be as frustrated as Obama, Reagan and Clinton were in their first two years. 

    I don’t think you’ll ever again see as much change in the first two years of a President’s term as you did in FDR’s. The checks and balances have been added over the years to prevent another FDR. Hell, LBJ couldn’t even get a second term because the “left” hated him! Nixon and Kissinger had to finish his war for him.

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