Never Forget

We say that a lot about tragic things. Pearl Harbor. This year is the 70th Anniversary. Do you know about it? Does your family know about it? Do they know how Pearl Harbor changed the fate of the United States as a world power, and was the catalyst for an abrupt change in human history?

The Holocaust. Lots of deniers still exist. Does your family know about it-and do they know how subtle and cunning the Nazi’s were about implementing it? It began in 1933. Ended in 1945.

As the people from these generations die, what happens?

It is almost impossible to believe, but 9/11 is ten years old this year. Shocking how the time flew. The kids that are born today will have no concept of how that one day rocked the world. It brought the open hatred of radical Muslims out into the open once and for all. There is a schism that cannot be patched between what they believe, and what freedom loving people believe.

This guy has an idea, and a project that is interesting. I pulled it off of Fred Wilson‘s blog.

While the towers falling, and the Pentagon attack seem miles away physically. All I have to do is walk down the street and try to walk into an office to know that they significantly affected my life.