Saturday Rise and Shine Breakfast Links

If Chicago lets the door hit the exchanges in the butt, this is what they have to look forward to. They ought to make the state tax rate for the CME 0%. ($CME)

End of an era for Chicago traders. They need a skin off, fresh belly contract. Otherwise bacon prices will be even more volatile.($PB_F)

Pay no attention to that metal behind the curtain. ($GLD)

New Stocktwits extension for Chrome.

Options are a great way to make money if you understand them. Great way to lose money if you don’t.

What a US debt default might mean to US farmers.

They are having a wild horse round up in Nevada.

The leaders of the mad hacker society are resigning.

Why Europe is freaked out over Greek default.

They are calling this new Obamacare thing an “exchange”. It’s an Orwellian use of the word.

Next week in Chicago midVentures is sponsoring Tech Week. I am moderating the Financial Innovation Panel.

interesting idea for long term unemployed. some good economic reasoning here. tip of the hat, Insty.

Walt Ehlers will be in Chicago at the Pritzker Military Library.

tip of the hat to @coffeegrinds for the idea.

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