Unemployment Breakfast Links

Unemployment was the day we used to really mix it up on the old trading floor. It’s a lot tougher to do that today on the screen. You can’t play to buy 5’s and sell 7’s and do it thousands of times. I know plenty of traders who made their year in 12 days, all unemployments. To psyche you up before you go into battle this morning, play the vid. Remember, every good battle plan gets changed.

Incentives always matter. Why don’t higher grain prices change behavior? They are not high enough yet given risk/reward premiums farmers put on their land and crops.

Unemployment was always stressful. Here is my guy Jack B.

Do stock options cause CEO’s to be risky?

Since it’s unemployment, and so many people have told me “I can’t”, “you can’t”. “You aren’t qualified.” “You are just a trader.” Read this.

I think that this effort is in the right place, but I have a lot of questions about it. I was at the Vishal Verma Brown Bag Lunch where Becker debuted the idea of charging for citizenship. It’s an interesting idea. There is demand for qualified high skilled workers. There is a supply of them. There must be a place where supply meets demand. That’s the price. Start Up Visa is a good idea, but I see a large potential for fraud. Clearly, immigration in the US is messed up.


157 stocks closed at all time highs. A lot of them were consumer related. ($RUE $DSW $GCO $FINL

As we said yesterday, it’s a bullish climate. Of course, that all can change at 730am CT, but I don’t think it will today.