Breakfast Links Tweet style

Told you it was going to be a boring week.  @Dan_Dicker even tweeted it #deadmarket!

@jaltucher, will be retweeting this article all day.

Roger Clemons on trial today, @eradke saw some juicing in his day

@howardlindzon was hoping for 8.

Interesting post on Chinese culture and respecting authority.  @niubi might have an opinon.

@reformedbroker is happy about this.  He is a health nut. I have been canning my own vegetables and making my own jam as things come into season.  It’s pretty easy.  Especially pickling.

@ppearlman’s is Bert.

Here is one for @TheArmoTrader; he is still in skrewl.

This is a good exam question according to Greg Mankiw.  Wonder what @jackhbarnes thinks.

@PeterLBrandt might have a few thoughts on the gold price.

A tip for #deadmarket. Do something else. Tell jokes. Tell stories. Go out to lunch. Have eating contests. Don’t trade.

@chicagosean likes this, U2 played Soldier Field last night in Chicago

One thought on “Breakfast Links Tweet style

  1. Thnx for the link. Semi-disaggree with it. 
    If “interventionist” means more spending and more taxes, then he is plain wrong. 
    Spending as a % of GDP is practically the same as in the 80s and 90s around 40% (average of 80-00 seems to be about 35%).
    Taxes as a % of GDP have gone DOWN, significantly actually since the 80s and 90s. Both income and corporate. In the 1980’s the average of total taxes as a % of gdp was 18.3%. In the 90’s, it was 19.5%.  In 2010 it was 14.9 (tied with 2009) and the LOWEST its been since 1950. so how have taxes gone up?

    If thats what he was not talking about, then there is not much left. Only regulations but if we were truly a super regulatory state we would have never had the financial collapse and the oil spill.

    But I agree with his points that spending is out of control and that we became to interventionist of non-domestic matters.

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