Breakfast Links Tweet style

Told you it was going to be a boring week.  @Dan_Dicker even tweeted it #deadmarket!

@jaltucher, will be retweeting this article all day.

Roger Clemons on trial today, @eradke saw some juicing in his day

@howardlindzon was hoping for 8.

Interesting post on Chinese culture and respecting authority.  @niubi might have an opinon.

@reformedbroker is happy about this.  He is a health nut. I have been canning my own vegetables and making my own jam as things come into season.  It’s pretty easy.  Especially pickling.

@ppearlman’s is Bert.

Here is one for @TheArmoTrader; he is still in skrewl.

This is a good exam question according to Greg Mankiw.  Wonder what @jackhbarnes thinks.

@PeterLBrandt might have a few thoughts on the gold price.

A tip for #deadmarket. Do something else. Tell jokes. Tell stories. Go out to lunch. Have eating contests. Don’t trade.

@chicagosean likes this, U2 played Soldier Field last night in Chicago

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