Tea Party Hibernation

The media is trying to roust the Tea Party.  There is talk that it has dwindled, that it’s not relavant, that there must be a “next great thing”. They want us to be extremists or racists, and they couldn’t be further off the mark.  The media is wrong as usual.  They always miss trends and then report on them late.  That’s why so many trends seem to jump the shark.

The Tea Party is alive and well.   The reason we aren’t out in the streets is we have businesses to run, jobs to do.  When we leave work, we don’t get paid. Unlike a union.

Here are some links I found when I searched for “Union gets paid for recall election”.

Union workers get paid to campaign on county time.

Union workers get paid to do door to door work.

Yes, unions get paid to do political organizing on company (read government) time.  Unexpectedly, Nate Silver of 538 blog found that when surveyed, 63% of Americans consider themselves libertarian.  He closed by stating,

“The Tea Party movement also has some lineage in libertarian thinking. Although polls suggest that many people who participate in the Tea Party movement have quite socially conservative views, the movement spends little time emphasizing those positions, as compared with economic issues.”

Right on Nate!  Power to the people.

2011 is not an election year despite what the media wants.  There are Republican debates and Big Government advocate Obama is out on the stump. But in reality, no one is paying really close attention except political junkies.  Most everyone is out trying to find a job if they don’t have one, and the rest of us are trying to budget for higher gas prices.

The Tea Party turned the tide in 2010.  It will come back in 2012 bigger and bolder and as much against big government as it was before.  There is nothing it can do about it now, why waste the energy?  Leave the race baiting and vacuous speeches to the blowhards on the left.

The economic frailties and budget busting programs of big government haven’t gone away. There are daily reminders of them from places as far away as Greece and Spain, and as close as California and Illinois. The next election will be a referendum on big government. A politician that believes in big government will get voted out. It will have very little to do with social issues.

For example, reasonable Tea Partiers might disagree on abortion rights, but both would agree that we shouldn’t have taxpayer funded federal programs to fund abortions. That’s not pro-life or pro-choice: That’s anti big government.

Tea Partiers have not gone away. We know we don’t need to march in the streets every day to get attention like unions do. We have working and fishing to do.

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