Friday Breakfast Links

Chicago Cubs versus the New York Yankees today. Hope nobody calls a shot

The Senate kills ethanol. Good idea. But like every good government program, nothing that evil will die. Watch the Corn market ($ZC_F) in the coming weeks. It’s already had a big tumble off the highs. December corn is the big one.

This is an interesting article on Regulation. And on the financial crisis here.

Some academics on the Greek crisis. A lot of people scoff at academics. Sometimes they are nuts. But, I at least listen to economists to hear their train of thought. Cochrane is pretty underrated and brilliant. Gave me my best line, “Governments make a choice, grow or inflate. They always inflate.”

Greenspan says it’s almost certain Greece will default. I predicted a year ago and was chided. Today, I’d say 18%+ 10 year rates when the rest of the world is under 5% is already default.

Weiner resigns. Unfortunately, he didn’t do it out of a sense of honor, or even embarrassment. He did it because the House Minority Leadership was going to strip him of all his committee assignments. Sad, all the way through.

Global warming, and acupuncture. Ancient Chinese secret.

I am shamelessly plugging a company I have a little money in. I am plugging her not because I have money in it, but because I truly think she is a great entrepreneur and has a neat idea. We need to get businesses like this started if we want to encourage job creation. Watch the video.

How to get rich in China.

Godspeed to Prince Harry. And Godspeed to any soldier fighting over there. Thanks for volunteering.

Interesting piece on aggregate demand.

First Paul Ryan for Prez video-not produced by Paul Ryan….yet.

Have a good weekend. Don’t forget to wake up tomorrow and tune into the Mike and G Show.