Tuesday Breakfast Links

Sell in May and go away?

SPY Stock Chart by YCharts

Looks like it might have been a buying opportunity for the market.

Thomas Sowell writes about seduction. Keyneisan economic theory is seductive, especially to men who think they can “fix” everything.

Sometimes great addresses are actually given at graduation. Major General John M. Schofield’s address to the graduating class at West Point in 1879 comes to mind. Defense Sec. Gates spoke to the Middies at Navy.

Mobile payments are hot. Here is one that you haven’t heard of.

Fama’s Efficient Market Hypothesis gets another supporter.

Goldman invested for Libya. I don’t have a problem with this. Goldman is a company acting in their own best interest. But, I wonder how the Libyans feel about paying bid/ask spread juice to Goldman? If I were the US govt, I’d tell them to continue the practice, make the bid/ask even wider and bleed them to death financially. Maybe even get them into some “really good deals”, like they did with CDS’s. Death by a thousand cuts.

Why is every news outlet breathlessly tracking Sarah Palin’s bus tour? She hasn’t declared, and it’s not clear that she can win the hearts and minds of independent voters. The intellectual elite and credentialed class that “shapes” the news is trying to shape some news here I think. Until she declares for the Presidency, what she is doing is not news.

Hate investment banking? How about a job in the third world? To some there is no difference.

The future of war. Someday, it will be Star Wars. Fought with computer hackers, drones and robots. When there is no human life cost to war, what does that do to decision making about entering them? America desperately needs more engineers. Home grown engineers.

For high school graduates considering a soft major. Hey, how about engineering or math, or even science? For college grads that majored in a soft major-when you go to grad school don’t get an advanced degree in the bullshit you studied in undergrad. Get one in engineering. Or, better yet, learn to do all that stuff on your own by working for peanuts at a start up.

Have a great day.

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    Just because I know most can’t beat their index, doesn’t mean I’m a ‘supporter of Fama.’ Just like if I say the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain, that does not mean I’m spinning around in circles mindlessly & singing the hills are alive with music. I’d say I’m pragmatic. As it is, I really appreciate the link & that you’re reading my stuff. Big fan of you.