Breakfast Links

The trade pacts that Obama was touting are at risk.  Why?  Because the Democrats are tying worker protectionism (unions) to free trade.  Dumb.  Obama and the Dems are not really for free trade.  They are for trade on their terms.  That’s not free trade.

Some businessman don’t like the ruling of the AZ Supreme Court.  I am just wondering.  If the US is graduating less people from high school each year, don’t we have a large pool of unskilled labor that can take the jobs the illegal immigrants are taking.  Or, is the problem that they really have no desire to work?

More on Startup America.  My thoughts here.

Benjamin Graham advocated that companies pay out two thirds of their earnings as dividends and I agree.  Corporate cash is tied up due to poor tax policy right now.

Want to know how social media works?  Read this.  Then go buy Groundswell and read that book.  It’s powerful stuff.  If you want to know the answer to the conundrum she outlines, visit this website.

Want to know more about China? You can follow our new Stocktwits blogger.

More on TSA patdowns.   I wrote something about it here.

Here are the jobs protectionism creates.  Hint:  you need an advanced degree.

Is college worth the cost, protectionism aside I think it depends.  Depends on your major and depends on the price.  You can survive with an Hermes tie and you can do the job with one from JC Penney.  Depends on what you are going to do with it.  Getting a certain credential only means you received, and presumably earned the credential.  Successful people go to no name colleges too.

I am on the MikeandG Radio show today at just after 8 Central time.  Hope you can tune in.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.  God Bless our citizens that are out in various parts of the world keeping us safe at home.  God Bless the ones that came before, and the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  We owe them a debt we can never repay.