Breakfast Links

Happy Anniversary to my wife.  24 years this year!  She has the patience of Job to put up with someone like me all these years.  True story.  One of my groomsmen told me he was driving me to my wedding.  On the day, he picked me up.  We were driving on the expressway to the ceremony. There was a fork in the road, “To Wisconsin” or “Euclid Road”.  There was a pang in my stomach.  I was 25 years old, was an options clerk on the floor of CME.  I said half jokingly, “Wisconsin”.  My friend exited correctly and took me to the church.  Thank goodness he did.  That’s why you should never drive yourself to your own wedding!

The actual ceremony is another story.  One of my groomsman locked his knees and passed out (wasn’t the same one that drove me).  As the pastor was saying, “Let them speak now…”, he fell backwards, his head hit the wooden pew and it sounded like a shotgun shot blowing off.  We were out pretty late the night before.  When you are standing at attention, don’t lock your knees.

We were young, got married late in the day, so the reception was quite a party.  It ended with my wife doing flips in her wedding dress across the dance floor!

The other advice I have for getting married is this, try and marry your best friend.  I did.

Of course, the crash of 1987 happened later that year.  Still the craziest day I have ever seen.

A thoughtful note.

The Bulls didn’t look so hot against the Heat.  Heat lead series 2-1.  Chris Bosh et al destroyed them.  If the Bulls don’t find some consistent offense, this series is over.

Things aren’t looking up for the Euro.  1.24 was taken out overnight in EURCHF

Oprah’s show is ending.  Might be one the favorite things for a lot of people.

If you think social media is overvalued, check out this link and think if action leads to valuation.  Short Sellers are targeting LinkedIN.  Hopefully they actually follow the rules to short it-like being able to actually borrow the stock. No hanky panky like we had before.  Of course, Dodd-Frank didn’t touch that.

Saw a really neat web publishing platform, ZingZag!

An example of how the web is revolutionizing business.

Thoughts on the Gold bubble popping.

Greece and Ireland are in trouble, but don’t forget about Spain and how they all got to the financial nadir they are experiencing.

We need to end government employee unions now.

If you own a boutique store, or if you are a clothing designer-check out this sight, Noblivity, and sign up.  They were featured on NBC News.