Sunday Brunch Breakfast Links

No Triple Crown this year again.

Mitch Daniels won’t be running for President.  Paul Ryan, your table is ready.

The Greeks and the ECB can’t agree on debt restructuring. Greeks say, “Hey, just forgive our debt.  We started Western Civilization.”  ECB says, “Yes, but we own all your assets now.”  It’s a Mexican standoff!

Don’t know if you read this or not.  Stats are interesting.

For those that fear another flash crash, here is what one exchange says about circuit breakers.

Lots of problem, zombie banks out there.  Here is the list.

Is default on the debt okay, even if just for a few days?  This guy doesn’t think so.

Minnesota puts gay marriage on the ballot, leaves it up to voters.  People are smart enough to decide how they want to organize society even if the “credentialed” class doesn’t think so.  In this case, they are going to be given a choice to ban gay marriage, not support it.  I an in the camp of people like Instapundit, and Clinton special prosecutor Ted Olson.

Tips to be a great investor.

The birthers were nuts. But, the people that wonder about Obama’s college record are not. This is a bit interesting.

Have a great Sunday!