Breakfast Links

The job market for MBA’s is back.  MBA cost at top school, 140-160k.  Ave salary, 90k.

Oil is primed for a massive rally. S&P’s too perhaps.

I never knew the right adjective to describe Paul Krugman, but this guy does.

Steven Levitt blogs about poker.

Tsunami’s in Asia are natural disasters.  Tsunami’s in Europe are debt disasters.

The Bank of England is afraid of inflation, and so are the Chinese.  Back in the 1970’s, local Chicago DJ Steve Dahl had a song about Inflation done a Rolling Stones song.  Might be time to bring that back.

This article though says China is cooling and might lower rates.

Hey, we’re fair and sorta balanced.  You decide.

Yeah, I am sure all it will take is John Kerry will “smooth” things over in Pakistan.  He was for killing him before he was against it.  There are only two things that will work.  More drone strikes or dollars.

Interesting take on the spin of events post bin Laden killing.

The real photo from the situation room